May 2008 archive

Vendor Fair Today

For all of Fort Irwin, CA, there is a Vendor Fair today at the Sandy Basin Community Center for 1000-1300. There will be vendors from Close To My Heart, Tupperware, Home and Garden Party, Mary Kay, Sweet Grocery Bags, Absolutely Cute and Unique, Pvt Meadows Designs, Cummings Signs, Miracoli Beads, and MORE!!!! Food and drinks will be provided!


Father’s Day T-Shirt

I LOVE THESE Father’s Day Cards! I made an oragami folded tshirt and adhered it to the top of my card! There is also a word window revealing the sentiment “Father’s Day”. Here’s the template I used!


My First Sale!!!!

I had my very first sale on Etsy!!! I have to say good-bye to my mini 3×3 card set :( I’m so excited! I should make more of these for the vendor fair!



I’m trying to create my “look”, otherwise known as “branding”. I wanted something that was a little whimsical, but straightforward and clean to represent my art! So, here are the results! Hope you like it!


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