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JUGS- Just Us Girls

Trick or Treat Basket with Boo Basket and Card!

Today Clear and Simple Stamps is sponsoring the JUGS, Just Us Girls, Challenge Blog!

For my project I used the Trick or Treat Basket Template paired with Alpha Block II.

Check out the JUGS Design Team!

Boo Tag

Create a fun graphic focal point with the Clear and Simple Stamps Alpha Block II Stamp Set!

Boo card

Use generational stamping to create a “spooky” sentiment effect!



American Crafts Dear Lizzy & Lawn Fawn Card Set

Set of 7 Cards using Lawn Fawn's Sophie's Sentiments

Do you have a ton of coordinating patterned paper?

I DO! I went a little nuts when American Crafts Dear Lizzy line came out and purchased all the paper in multiples, all the embellishments, and the stamps!

So, what do I do with the leftovers? I make card sets! CAS card sets make awesome gifts!

My card set illustrates just SOME of the sentiments that are in Lawn Fawn’s Sophie’s Sentiments.

For $15 you receive 25 sentiments and icons. You can mix, match, and bend the sentiments to fit any card! There are baby, wedding, friendship, birthday, and all occasion stamps!

Thinking of you and Wedding wishes

Friends forever


I love American Crafts’ Dear Lizzy line!!!

Hope I’ve inspired you to create!


Sticky-Back Canvas Badges

Custom Badges Tag on a Thank You Card

Hello Blogosphere!

It’s been 4 days since our last chat 😉 I have been so busy creating for deadlines, but couldn’t resist making this cute thank you card.

The thank you card has a removable tag on it! On the tag are 4 sticky-back canvas badges for the recipient to reuse!

Decole Little Red Stamp Set is available at

Badge Detail!


  • Decole Little Red Stamp Set
  • Modern Red Kit (postcard turned into a tag)
  • Washi Tapes (fabric and grid border)
  • Shinzi Katoh Inks
  • Imaginisce I-top Brad Maker Tool
  • Claudine Hellmuth Sticky-back Canvas
  • Stampin Up Jumbo Eyelets


Review of Photojojo’s Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses

When Photojojo sent me their weekly newsletter showcasing their latest finding, the Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses, I was quick to paypal!

Here is the breakdown of the cost and read their full review on their website here:

Fisheye Lens: $25.00, Macro/Wide Angle Lens: $20.00, Both: $40

Each lens comes on a mini lanyard with back and front lens covers.

When I first took them out of the package, before you can use them, you have to mount the sticky-back lens mount to your camera. THIS was tricky and I used up all but one of the rings that came with the lenses:

Sticky-back Magnetic Lens Mount

You must position the ring JUST RIGHT or you’ll end up with blurry or lens rimmed shots. Also, you need to keep the area clean as it attracts dust and pet hair easily (as seen in my photo).

After you adhere the sticky-back magnetic lens mount, you can play around with your lenses!

The Fisheye Lens

The Wide Angle lens unscrews into a Macro lens, so 2 for 1!

Here is a camera phone shot without the lenses:

Without Lenses in indirect outdoor lighting

Fisheye Lens: The lens rimmed shot is unavoidable for me…

Notice the black lens rimmed shot? Not pretty… Because the camera is located near a curved edge of my iphone, the lens mount isn’t positioned evenly around. Thus, the black lens rimmed shot.

Wide Angle Lens: There is minimal black lens rimmed shot here.

Macro Lens: I love the bokeh of the macro lens.

The same shot lensless.


Here are some indoor lighting test shots. Please note there is natural backlighting from the windows:


Camera Phone without a lens

Fisheye: Note the black lens rimmed shot.

Wide Angle: Shoots with more depth to include the entire shelf length and paper stand.

Macro: I LOVE THE MACRO! Look at the glitter specs it picks up on my Copic Spicas!



  • Affordable
  • Works with most phones
  • Can maximize the range of your camera phone.
  • Strudy and magnetic parts so you can keep track of them easily.
  • Travels better than a DSLR
  • Fun & Artsy
  • The Macro takes great shots indoors and outdoors
  • The Wide-Angle lens is perfect for shooting scenery or group pictures
  • The Fish-eye shoots dreamy & artistic pictures
  • If you have an iphone DSLR camera app, the lenses would be a perfect addition!


  • Doesn’t work with Slide Phones
  • Depending on where your camera is located, you could end up with black rimmed shots.
  • The Wide Angle and Fisheye do not shoot clear shots, more of a hazed dreamy shot.
  • They come with 2 sticky-back magnetic lens mounts per lens, so once you use them up, that’s that.
  • The indoor shots with the Wide-Angle and Fisheye yield yellowish results, as with any camera where you can’t adjust the white balance.

So, are you going to take the plunge??? I think it’s worth it for the macro shots alone!

EDA: These work wonderfully with the iPhone 4. If you lose or replace your phone and you need new mounts the Photojojo team will send you 3 replacement rings/mounts for $3!


Thank you for your help!

Thank you for all your help!

I played around with every suggestion: a border strip with the sentiment on top, the sentiment going through the rays, the sentiment in the lower part of the card, and I even played around with what the sentiment should say with my stamps and on my computer using Word!

Here are some pics I took of me playing around with the printed sentiments. You can use your stamp positioner/stamp-a-majig to figure out sentiment placement as well! I lost the hard plastic sheet that came with mine and now use vellum/acetate scraps.

This was Bea’s Suggestion!

Cheryl’s Suggestion :)

A mixture of Susan’s, Mary’s, and Ryann’s suggestions!

SO many options!

I played around with every suggestion!

And here is what I came up with:

The sentiment was Lysa’s suggestion!

Thank you for all your help! I know who to turn to when I need help again…and maybe not my hubby 😉 LOL!


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