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Things that warm my heart…

My all-time fave Pixar flick!

Yesterday, my entire family was sick :( We were supposed to go to Chuck E Cheese’s, but were forced to stay indoors instead! So, I purchased UP! and a Willy Wonka Gingerbread House Kit!

DH's First time making a Gingerbread House!

Red Velvet Cupcakes!

This recipe is UBER delish! I didn’t have any good cocoa available, but I highly recommend using a good quality cocoa. Also, I went easy on the Red Dye, as it makes my fam crazy 😉 Other than that, the recipe is UBER moist and delish! I will definitely be making these again!

So, what are you folks doing for New Year’s Eve!!!!!?


When the planets align…

Shoulder to shoulder…

Tonight, the planets aligned!!! They boys finished their dinner and sat down on the couch for a popcorn and movie night! I didn’t ask them to sit together. Nor, did I ask them to cuddle, shoulder to shoulder. But, they did! It lasted all of 10 minutes. And that whole time, the hubby and I cuddled too and marveled at this rarity!

Here’s to Family Time! CHEERS :)


Johnson House Madness!

Mystery Photo

Can you guess what that is??? I’ll tell you what, it has consumed my past couple of days!!! I am a fudge makin MACHINE!!!! I am on my 5th batch! My friends list keeps getting bigger…sigh* I’ve gone to the store 9+ times because I keep forgetting 1 thing or breaking glass jars of marshmallow creme…lol!

Here’s how I’m packaging them:

Easy Peasy!

I wanted to keep the bags simple because I have a TON to deliver! I just used the Top Note Die to cut our family portrait and some red cardstock to make a tag of sorts. Oh, did I mention I needed to keep these cheapie? LOL!

Besides making fudge, I finished all our Christmas cards, mailed them out (except for 2), wrapped and mailed 6 packages, finished and printed the family newsletter, and created 4 photo frame collages for the grandparents.

Here’s what those look like:

Photo Collage Frame Presents

My family is really hard to shop for, but they love pictures and handmade gifts, so I combined the two! These will be going to 4 out of 7 of the grandparents…lol!

Happy Holidays! So, what are you doing to stay sane? I’m all about the Irish Coffee at night :)


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